My Easy Tip Calculator

Today at nomadRobot we release a new app called My Easy Tip Calculator, which comes in free and pro versions.  My Easy Tip Calculator is great for people who love to eat out but don’t love math.  Check it out here at the Google Play Store.

Just enter your check amount, adjust tip percent and the number of people to split the bill with if necessary, and you’re done. You may also round any amount up or down to the nearest even number.

My Easy Tip Calculator immediately tells you the amount of the tip, the total amount, as well as the tip share and total share per person.

Also, with My Easy Tip Calculator you can easily round up or down to the nearest even amount and all totals adjust to compensate.

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MyCar Locator Updated

I am happy to announce the release of the latest version of MyCar Locator Free.  MyCar is now on version 3.0, and this update is by far the largest to-date.  With this most recent update you will find many changes in the user interface as well as the usability of the app, while overall functionality remains unchanged.  You can now save your parking spot, center on your location, navigate to your saved location, and view your parking notes and time parked all directly from the main screen.  The menu has also been updated to improve usability.  Please check out the screen shots below and download the most recent version of MyCar Locator Free in the Google Play Store by following this link.  Thanks!

MyCar Locator Free

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