Adobe Air game: Mystery Number

With the recent release of Adobe Air for Android I decided that it was time to get to work on my first Flash game written for Android.   Less than a week later, here it is!  Mystery Number is now on the Android Market and available to all those lucky Android users running Froyo(2.2).

Mystery Number is a simple guessing game.  The computer is thinking of a number between 1 and 100 and you have seven chances to guess that number, but the life of a Stick Man is in your hands!  Use your 7 chances wisely, or else!  This game tests basic math and logic skills. Plus it’s free, so get it now!

Mystery Number screenshot Mystery Number screenshot

To download Mystery Number just scan the following bar code.  If you’re on your phone, just click here!

Mystery Number requires the free app ‘Adobe Air’ but don’t worry, if not installed it will download automatically the first time you open Mystery Number.

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